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Soozi Schlanger Gallery #2 - sculpture

Birddog Mask Birddog Mask
Paper maché, 1998

Dogbird Mask Dogbird Mask
Paper maché, 1998

Fishwife Fishwife
Dust broom with fish head and costume jewelry, 1992

I Hate You (reversible mask) I Hate You (reversible mask)
Paper maché and dirt, 1991

I Love You (reversible mask) I Love You (reversible mask)
Paper maché, 1991

King Queen Mask King Queen Mask
Paper maché with metal crown, 1997

Oldladybird Mask Oldladybird Mask
Paper maché, 1997

Progress Progress
Paper maché with dirt and wheel, 1998

Queen King Mask Queen King Mask
Paper maché with horsehair and metal crown, 1997

War Mask War Mask
Cardboard and dirt with hair and teeth, 1990


All Artist's Work © Soozi Schlanger. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of these images without permission by the artist is expressly prohibited by law.