Next: This Ain't Hollywood, Friday February 13th

Swamperlla kicks of the new year with a visit to Hamilton's This Ain't Hollywood. We are looking forward to bringing some Louisiana heat to this great live music venue.

Where: This Ain't Hollywood, 345 James St. North, Hamilton, ON
Time: TBA
Date: Friday February 13th
Cost: TBA

Swamperella Releases Leopard Skin Coat, February 2013

Swamperella's 4th CD is out. We held a CD release party at the Gladstone Hotel on Saturday February 16th. It's is our funkiest and most rockin' disc yet but you will still hear some traditional waltzes and two steps in the mix.

You can read reviews and purchase copies of Leopard Skin Coat on our CD Page

To listen to some sample tracks check out our profile on CBC Music

Leopard Skin Coat is available on iTunes

Cajun Fiddle Weekend with David Greely

The house concert and fiddle workshop were a huge success. David was a genial and knowledgeable instructor taught the Mazurka de Varise Conner and the Traveler Playboys Special and gave a great view into the mysteries of Cajun fiddle. The Mary Schlanger Auditorium was packed to the ceiling, and Soozi and Rachel joined in on the action.

Brand New Dave

Click to see full size Dave Swamperella has a brand new Dave. Dave #3 in fact! For the past two years we have been enjoying the excellent percussion services of David MacDougall. If you are a dave and looking to get married just hang around us.....thats what seems to happen to all of our daves.

A message from Miss Swampy

2009 has been chock full of great Swamperella gigs......the 13th annual Mardi Gras at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto was the kind of event that left me stunned..........(good stunned of course!) I had to wonder how does it keep getting better? The music, of course, with time and effort will always evolve.........but the party itself !!!!....the people...the vibe .....!!!!-and I have to say it ---the love---not groopie love..... but the love of having an excellent good time and everyone putting all they had into it to share that good time.... that kind of love! Sure the band works hard to set up a good party......decorating.....practicing......and recombining 13 years of old costumes so they look like different costumes...... but the whole big bunch of you on the dance floor gave it right back to us...thank you to all involved....bandmates.....Gladstone staff.... dance teachers Maya and Ann- Marie ....and all the people who attended. As if one amazing Mardi Gras wasn't enough...... Mardi Gras at the Elmdale Tavern, February 2009Ottawa welcomed the band with open arms and dancing feet at the Elmdale Tavern......what a fantastic crowd....there was even a line up outside....filled to capacity.....(well its been known to happen at the Gladstone.....but this was our first Ottawa overflow event.) Thanks to the hard work of Jody and Michael of Ball and Chain who publicized the gig and conducted the dance lesson....----major good energy and great dancing and some pretty creative solutions to the was so crowded that sometimes waltzing and two stepping became difficult especially with all the support columns .......suddenly I looked up and the support pillars on the dance floor at the Elmdale became props instead of obstructions...This clearly wasn't the nations capital for nothing....... we were among serious professional problem solvers , that was obvious when a giggling conga line at once materialized...slinking around columns...... snaking along......and singing along....(making up the words just like we do!) Thank you Ottawa....see you next Mardi Gras!!!! This year we were again invited to play for Habitat for Humanity at the Air Canada centre (overlooking the hockey rink!!!) This was also a lot of fun......a great cause.....helping rebuild homes in New Orleans...and of course yummie food.....More feathered masks and Mardi Gras paraphanalia for our ever expanding collection were the by-products of a lovely event we played at Niagara on the Lake...... Dave and student, February 2009 a fundraiser to help preserve the town's high school.......Wow !!!......and we got to meet the only Lord Mayor left in Canada....and we led a rousing version of O Canada ....I almost cried....hand on my heart and all.!!!!!!!....Well, truth be told, it was a patriotic moment to be sure.....but I remember getting a shameful C minus in singing in grade 4 because I sang O Canada....well shall we say in an over big voice.....not in a sweet girl voice....Well, man oh man, did that voice come in handy at this gig..... I sure enough nearly cried with joy...---------now what do you think of that, Miss Wickle?????.....thanks to the very supportive guests and organizers.......oh yes, and thank you for that lovely meal!

Swamperella on CD Baby

Black Cat Boogie and On The Line are can now be purchased over the internet via CD Baby
click to go to photos of Swamperella at the Flying Cloud on Flickr

Swamperella at the Flying Cloud Folk Club

Swamperella performed at the Flying Cloud Folk Club last November. Wil Macaulay was there with his new-fangled electric camera and took some great shots of the proceedings. You can see more by going to Will's site on Flickr

On The Line, new album by Swamperella

On The Line released fall 2007

Swamperella is very happy to announce the release of their new CD, "On the Line".  Produced by John Switzer, the album contains a mixture of traditional Cajun waltzes and two steps, Swamperella originals, and some upbeat zydeco numbers.  We played to a packed house, and sold lots of CDs and had a great evening.

Tom and Myra have posted a couple of clips of the party on YouTube

ON THE LINE is available on the CD Page on this web site
Soozi on the micSwamperella in Black and White

At our May Gladstone dance, photographer Greg King took some wonderful photos of the band in black and white.  Makes us look like serious old folkies.  You can see them at our online photo gallery.

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